Create a Simple Dashboard

Now that you have your first report defined and deployed, let’s create a dashboard and add this report as a panel on the dashboard.

A Flow Dashboard is a great way to pull multiple views of your information together, into a single place that can be monitored at a glance.

In the “Reports” tab, right-click on the “Engineering” folder and click “New”, “Dashboard”. Flow will create a new “Engineering Dashboard”. Open its editor …

General Properties

The top section of the dashboard editor displays a few general properties:

  • Title – this is the dashboard title. By default Flow uses a “placeholder” for the name of the dashboard. This can be edited to a fixed title or a combination of the placeholder and fixed text.
  • Description – dashboard description.


The “Panels” section is a grid canvas which is always 12 blocks wide. By default, Flow displays 6 blocks of height, but the height can be increased by dragging a panel to a larger size.

Drag the “Engineering Hourly Report” onto the dashboard canvas …

Dropping the “Engineering Hourly Report” onto the top left block of the canvas, Flow automatically expands the new panel to all the available canvas space below and to the right of where you dropped it. The panel’s “handles” can be used to resize it as required. In the labs that follow, you will need to resize these panels to be able to fit other panels onto the dashboard.

Panel Properties

Each panel on the dashboard has the following properties:

  • Panel Title - this is the panel’s title. By default, Flow uses a “placeholder” for the name of the report in this panel. This can be edited to a fixed title or a combination of the placeholder and fixed text.
  • Panel Link – this is the URL for a “Web Page Panel” (see “Web Page Panel” below).
  • Refresh – this is the period on which the panel will automatically refresh itself. Flow defaults this property to 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Web Page Panel

If you right-click on the dashboard canvas, you can add a “Web Page Panel” by clicking “New”, “Web Page Panel”. A “Web Page Panel” will display the contents of any URL configured in the “Panel Link” property.

Open the Dashboard

Similarly to the Report, right-click and select “Tasks”, “Open” …

This simple dashboard demonstrates the canvas and panel functionality. Notice how a panel has a “title bar” at the top. The “title bar” can be removed by setting the panel’s “Title” property to blank (empty).


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