Does Flow have a built-in Report and Dashboard Server?

Yes, Flow has a Report Server that provides the following visual representations of your data:

Time Based Table

The Time Based Table report definition will display a "spreadsheet" view of your data in a time series.  Depending on the report template selected, time periods are displayed along the top, and groups of measures displayed down the left.  Your data can be "sliced" by an attribute, in this case "Green" and "Orange" products for additional context.

Event Based Table

The Event Based Table report definition will display a "spreadsheet" view of your data as event periods (e.g. Batches). 


The Widget report definition provides a simple single measure display for dashboarding purposes.  The Widget can be configured to show a historical bar or line chart for additional information.


Time Series Chart

The Time Series report definition will display a chart of one or more bar/line trends.


The Dashboard definition provides a way to combine a number of visual panels onto a single "canvas".  Each panel can be configured to use an independent refresh period.

Dashboard Loop

When you have a number of Dashboards configured, you can link them together in a loop, similar to a "live" slide show.

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