Can I retrieve data from a Microsoft SQL Server?

Yes, one of the standard Flow data source "connectors" is built specifically to retrieve data from any Microsoft SQL database.  When you configure a Flow measure to use this connector, you will also need to specify a SQL query that retrieves the required value for a date and time range.  The following is an example query:

select Value, OPCQuality as Quality
from History where
Tagname = '121TT001.PV' and
DateTime > [PeriodStart] and
DateTime <= [PeriodEnd] and
wwRetrievalMode = 'Average' and
wwRowCount = 1

Notice the [PeriodStart] and [PeriodEnd] placeholders in the query.  When Flow runs this query on the source SQL server, these placeholders will be replaced with the Date and Time of the period for which the query is being run.

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