Flow 2.0 Release Notes

This section is ordered by Release Date.

2.0.6 Full Release | Build 2.0.468.561

Released: March 11, 2015


  • Added ability to move measures between sections in a Report definition
  • Added ability to move measures between tabs in a Form definition
  • Fixed an issue experienced during model validation on start up
  • Fixed an issue with the background refreshing of the Deployment View

Engine Module

  • Added ability for a measure with no event association to be used in a calculated measure


  • Fixed an issue with Attribute ordering

2.0.5 Full Release | Build 2.0.393.971

Released: January 28, 2015


  • Added a number of usability features:
    • Measure name edit handles the unit of measure correctly
    • Measure Dependants tab displays where a measure is used in the Flow system
    • Model view can be searched using Measure ID or Measure Name
    • Metrics can be dragged onto a Report or Form to add all the Measures belonging to that Metric
    • Model view displays fault and deployment status hierarchically. Some additional fault descriptors have been added.
    • "Show in Model" button added to Measure editor
  • Added an OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) data source connector
  • Added a "Rollover Deadband" to the Wonderware Historian "Counter" aggregation

Engine Module

  • Fixed an issue with Measure pending functionality


  • Copy and paste of measure values
  • Details panel to view a measure value's change log
  • Added ability to add comments to a measure value 


  • Fixed an issue with Time Period ordering

2.0.4 Engine Module | Build 2.0.369.859

Released: January 5, 2015

  • Fixed an issue with calculation (relative period) and aggregation (to-date) pending logic
  • Fixed an issue with year-to-date aggregation for calendars that do not start in January

2.0.4 Full Release | Build 2.0.310.870

Released: November 7, 2014


  • Added drilldown functionality to the System Monitor
  • With the Historian connector, Flow will configure new Measures using the Historian tag's UOM and description
  • Added multiple trigger definition functionality for an Event
  • Fixed a few usability issues

Engine Module

  • Optimised engine's handling of "slow running" measures
  • Fixed an issue where some pending Measures were not being processed


  • Add support for Active Directory group-based security at a measure level

2.0.3 Full Release | Build

Released: September 22, 2014


  • Added "ease-of-use" enhancements to the Config tool (e.g. a measure calculation's expression can be viewed while measure is deployed)
  • Report Server Templates are created automatically when adding a new Report Server
  • Added ability to indent Measures in a Report Group
  • Added Event Enumeration Copy 'n Paste functionality (Tip: use Excel to define your ordinals and paste them into Flow)
  • Added Ability to "View Data" from the Measure's chart in a grid view (Tip: Copy selection from the grid)
  • Fixed a few issues (e.g. handling configuration restrictions via informative messages rather than exception messages)


  • Fixed an issue with report calendar selection

Engine Module

  • 64-bit support with interface to 32-bit data sources

2.0.2 Microsoft SQL Connector | Build

Released: September 11, 2014

  • SQL Queries no longer require named columns

2.0.2 Full Release | Build

Released: August 14, 2014


  • Added "ease-of-use" enhancements to the Config tool (e.g. search functionality)
  • Optimised loading and refreshing of views


  • Fixed an issue with client side limit evaluation

Engine Module

  • Added "Delta" and "Counter" aggregation types

2.0.1 Engine Module | Build

Released: July 18, 2014

  • Optimised memory usage during the processing of calculated measures
  • Fixed an issue where some calculated measures stopped processing

2.0.1 Full Release | Build

Released: July 14, 2014


  • Added "ease-of-use" enhancements to the Config tool
  • Added metric and measure Copy n' Paste functionality
  • Added multiple file select when updating System Modules
  • Fixed an issue where Shift patterns were displayed incorrectly after making changes to the minute interval
  • Fixed an issue in the System Monitor where the refresh continued after closing


  • Modified some of the reporting views
  • Fixed an issue with the generic report function

Data Sources

  • Added "Sum" aggregation type to Wonderware Historian data source

2.0.0 Full Release | Build

Released: June 20, 2014

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