Reporting Performance

Data persistence for faster report and dashboard serving!

Flow connects to multiple data sources to retrieve and aggregate data automatically. The results of this retrieval are stored and versioned in the Flow system. Further aggregations and calculations can be configured to reuse this data, thus reducing the retrieval load on the underlying source. The results of these calculations are also stored and versioned in the Flow system.

The Flow system serves report information directly without the need for re-querying the underlying data sources. This enhances the performance of the reporting and visualization layer, making for a vastly improved user experience.

Flow consists of the following components:

  • Flow Bootstrap - communication between all Flow components and modules
  • Flow Engine - automatic data retrieval, calculation execution, limit evaluation
  • Flow Client Server - communication between Flow Client and database
  • Flow Report Server - HTML5 Report and Dashboard server
  • Flow Config - create calendars, shifts, events, measures, calculations, monitor Flow system
  • Flow Client - manual entry of data, validate and update data where required

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