Create a Flow Model

Now that you have a deployed Flow System, let’s start building a Model of your production facility. Select the “Model” view tab. Flow created a new default root folder called “The Juice Factory” (the name you gave your Flow System when creating it on page 23).

Right-click on one of the folders …

The menu allows a number of options:

  • New Folder – create a new folder to group objects in your model
  • New Event – create a new event definition
  • New Metric – create a new metric to be measured
  • Rename – rename any object in your model
  • Move Up – reorder folders to provide a procedurally accurate representation of your facility
  • Move Down – reorder folders
  • Refresh – refresh the model
You can also use the Flow Zone toolbar to drag new objects onto your model


Let’s assume you have a good understanding of your Juice Factory layout. Create the following folder structure to represent the Juice Factory facility:


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