Scaling Factor

Now that you have a measure specifying the Boiler’s design rating, you are going to create a Retrieved Measure for the Boiler’s actual production.

Locate the 010-FT-001.PV Boiler Steam Output tag from the Historian, drag it across to the Model View, and drop it onto the “Steam” folder. Rename the new Retrieved Measure to “Steam Production”. Double-click the new measure …

Notice the unit of measure has been set to kg/s since this is the engineering unit of the 010-FT-001.PV tag in the Historian. You need to compare the Boiler’s design rating in tons/hr to the Boiler’s actual output. To do this you are going to convert the actual output from kg/s to tons/hr, and you are going to use the “Scaling Factor” to achieve this.

The “Scaling Factor” is a multiplier applied to the summary value retrieved from the data source. The multiplied summary value is then stored in the Flow System.

Configure the following:

  • Unit – tons/hr
  • Scaling Factor – 3.6

Deploy the new measure. Confirm that it is retrieving and scaling a summary value from the Historian.


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